Healing Meditation with the Energies of the Full Moon

Healing Meditation with the Energies of the Full Moon
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In case you are feeling out of stability from the strength of the Full moon, this relaxing 5-minute meditation will speedy align you to the electricity of the moon, balancing and recuperation your system.

sit in a secure role and near your eyes

if you would really like to work with the angelic energies you can call in the angels now for help pronouncing:

“I call at the restoration angels, my dad or mom angel and the energies of Full moon to be present and to connect with me now”

take some deep breaths

photograph yourself outdoors, standing by means of a beautiful infinity pool

it is night time however the night sky is lit up with a mind-blowing full moon

the silver rays of the moonshine all around you and the waters of the infinity pool tackle a silver-blue glow.

as you stand via the pool, you spot that there are steps leading down into the water

you dip a toe into the calm waters and you’re pleasantly amazed by way of the warmth of the pool

you step into the pool and with every step down you feel the nice and cozy water lapping against your ft, your ankles, your calves…

you retain stepping deeper into the silver-blue water because it swirls around your thighs, your hips, your torso and your chest

you forestall for a second to face in the warm temperature of the healing waters and to recognize the elegance of the total moon shining down at you

the moon appears to be bigger and closer to the earth than you’ve got ever seen it earlier than and it’s energies are palpable

you sense that the water around you is imparting restoration thru the silver moonlight and that your gadget is being balanced thru the energies of the moon

making a decision to swim closer to the edge of the pool but as you thread water you don’t appear to reach the threshold and also you smile as you realize that the pool is indeed countless

you are reminded of the infinite nature of the universe and of all possibilities and of your personal countless being

you loosen up floating in your again, giving thanks to the moon and the water surrounding you for the recovery

you waft listen for some time letting all worries and pressure just flow away as you slip deeper into rest

while you are equipped you turn around and walk back toward the stairs, as you step out of the water, you feel calm and refreshed

you noticed as you climbed the stairs out of the water that your body dried off straight away

you’re taking one very last glance on the splendor of the moon, wondering it once more for the recovery you’ve obtained

you experience yourself lightly returning in your body

while you are ready, open your eyes

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