Full Moon Meditation Meditation Guide

Full Moon Meditation Meditation Guide
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Full Moon Guided Meditation

The overall moon is the best time every month, to pause, and to take stock of your development within the gifted second.

The overall Full moon meditation heightens intuition and brings strength and healing frequency of the divine and all that is. the time on and around the whole moon supports you energetically as you contemplate your path forward and align with the knowledge of the way you may satisfactory accurate your path now, to align extra absolutely along with your hearts true preference, and with embodying your better self.


Plus, higher levels of frequency and codes of awakening are being broadcast into the planet, into the waters, and into your very cells with every and every complete moon… quiet your mind, get still, open your coronary heart and music in.


When you have vintage feelings or challenges developing right now, breathe your way via. the divine light of the whole moon shines brightly into all areas of life, illuminating any darkness, density, or limiting beliefs and styles nevertheless desiring to be released. You’re being given a lovely opportunity to heal styles, uplift your vibration, and align together with your inner light.


Take the time to do a complete moon meditation, to clear your thoughts and open your heart and spirit to the various blessings of recovery, clearing, and divine light to be had to you currently.


Full moon easy complete moon meditation

(Can be carried out indoors, or outside below the mild of the full moon)


Sit down in a secure and comfy role. Breathe and loosen up to clear your mind, and open your heart and power to the mild of the divine which is all around.


Believe, or word the first-rate mild of the total moon glowing above you. The mild of the whole moon that’s linked to the divine and to all this shines down upon you. Since your energy, thoughts and a frame receiving a cleanse of light as the fine uplifting energies of the moonlight streams down upon you. Experience yourself letting move of what no longer serves, and revel in your electricity being uplifted and recharged…


Recognition in on what you in reality preference. What is the desire of your coronary heart at this present moment of your life? Visualize your choice, and imagine the divine mind of the moon is brilliant charging your goal.


Feel your inner light glowing brightly within you reflected in the light of the moon above. Breathe, and just be.


This simple Full Moon meditation is perfect to use anytime you feel out of balance, or like you need a boost of light to recharge your intentions and bring healing and Divine light into your life.



Guided Full Moon Meditation with Archangel Michael


Under the light of the present Full Moon, I channeled a beautiful Guided Full Moon Meditation with Archangel Michael. Tune into the light of your Higher Self, empowered by the Divine Light of the Full Moon, and guided directly by the Divine and All That Is.

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