The Best Magic Way of Developing Psychic Reading Abilities and Skills

The Best Magic Way of Developing Psychic Reading Abilities and Skills
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A glamorous psychic reading technique, from social norms of the issues


A spiritual psychic reading comprehension ability, through the use of specific efforts to understand the information superiority; or the nature of visual, auditory, tactile, taste and natural extension of the basic senses of mankind. While psychic investigation focuses on controversial, mysterious is still one of the hottest interests. In laboratory conditions, a wide range of mental experiments was reproduced in human results that failed to find any predictable stuff. Reading psychology is pseudoscience, makes the production of specific information about intuitive.

Various type of psychic reading:

Spiritual reading does not use any tools professional expertise can have one or more professional fields. Tarot read some of the more common readings, e-mail reading psychology, watching the hand, psychological measurements, halo readings, or astrology studies.



Astrology and human affairs and ground events, in order to obtain the relative position of the celestial bodies of the means of information, were psychic reading.

  • Astrology has been traced back to as a link to explain some of the sources using the celestial cycle and the signs of the importance of the calendar system.
  • Predict a wide range of system development – such as from the global events of Indians, Chinese, Maya astronomical observations.
  • Most professional astrologers describe person’s personality and remarkable events based on elements claiming to predict the location of the system celestial bodies associated with the character;
  • Its history is astrology and astronomy, chemistry, meteorology, and medicine are very traditional, often have a close relationship, who is popular in academia.

Aura read

Aura readings will be observed and described. A person around a field should be subtle, the light aura of light. Over the years and brightness, psychic readings have provided fortune tellers.

  • They claim to have a unique ability to see or perceive the aura of the person, but in this case, there is no evidence that has been provided.
  • They say that the only evidence of this claim is to look at the halo, and when they separate the logical fallacy that is one of the few people in the supernatural, and they cannot prove it to prove it.
  • Such as James Randy tried to test the reading of the “bioelectromagnetic field” or another similar phenomenon to the halo by the claim that he would test some simple controls that all.
  • The blues halo clothing does not seem to suppress the brightness of the reading unclear why the luminous part of the brightness of the person, if any. Say a person should be surprised.



The fortune teller and divination are cartomancy. The form of cartomancy was first introduced to Europe after the 14th-century card soon appeared. Cartomancy followed by the general cartomancers, the reader, or just the reader.

  • One of the oldest forms of Cartomancy is increasingly popular. English as the mother tongue of the country, the general cartomancy Tarot read the most common form.


  • Tarica is used almost exclusively for this purpose in these places. The most popular form of the fortune teller card reading is provided.


  • The Tarot is also used in a native English-speaking country in a standard deck can also be used; in France, it is also usually packed on deck, 32 The card on the deck of the poker is attached to the visible space.


  • While 52 cards can also be used, the most common are the use of the cartomancy reading. This gives all 7S through 10 seconds, the card and the top face.)


Rolling dice as usual Cleromancy results, always to be considered random, but sometimes God or other supernatural entities, as determined by the will to believe our exposure, actor, draw a form. If the public consultation, or the father of the family, calls God to raise the eyes of heaven if the private teacher picks up three, one at a time and evaluates them based on the previously marked signs

Remote Reading or Remote Sensing

Remote reading or “remote sensing” without the reader to continue to meet the client to operate. in the reader and client between the letters, phone, SMS, e-mail, chat and camera research. There is no resolution to hinder the reading distance.

  • Usually corresponding to reading letters, e-mail and spiritual sites are completed through a special form to complete.


  • Telephone reading sanctions, where the supernatural and the client through the premium rate of telephone lines connected to listen to each other’s premium figures, there are direct psychic readings.



  • In the past few years, the client and his / her prepaid credit, what gives the advertiser device a more general context showing the callback numbers.


  • Let you chat psychic reading and the basic communication between the client is a simple question and answer form.

The customer has the opportunity to see and hear the spirit and can be seen at the time of reading or the type of time that you can choose to watch.


Lithomancy readings are usually submerged in water, or are thrown out of each other for a group, and can be beneficial for gems or gems to be fully read. Crystallomancy the more common variant is the most recent, called Crystal Staring. Using quartz crystal ball it is depicted as wearing a gypsy fortune teller.


The numerals of the numeracy date are defined as their effects on human life and the implicit meaning of the study. It is based on the value, especially the gospel of a person using their name, character, and other spiritual reading numerology.

 Spiritual challenges of Psychic reading

Psychic reading is mostly skeptical. Why we cannot see the trick that has been identified by the deal, presents the challenge of psychic and psychological exposure to Wiseman from the social negative feedback podcast appearance to notice the authenticity of the claim.

Remote viewing topics

(RV) for use in super-perception (ESP) or “telepathy”, Using a method of looking for a distant or invisible target exposure.

Remote viewing experiments, historically criticized for lack of control and redundancy. There is no credible evidence for remote viewing the subject of remote viewing is usually nakilisastranga.

Cold reading truth

Cold Readers know more people than the fact that readers understand emotions, minds, fortune tellers, and use the media and technology in setting up the illusionist. Without prior knowledge, the reader can quickly cool the body language, age, dress, hairstyle, sex, sexual orientation, religion, race or ethnicity, educational level, vocal skills, origin and so on.


Deceased and creature psychic spirit mediums-targeted -known for some people, such as mediation between communication methods.

  • There are many different types of psychic, including the spirit of channeling, and this time, according to the Ouija.
  • Investigations platform with extensive fraud using conventional practices, some magicians begin to lose credibility.
  • Fraud is still in the industry / Spiritual power to determine fraudulent cases and deception is this day. Researchers are trying to determine psychic claims.
  • In the experiment, the examination subjects by the British Psychological Society, which led to the conclusion of any mediumistic potential?


The psychic reading figure clarifies that the hidden information from the normal sensory and super perception (ESP) is specified by the person. The so-called “spirit” also describes some of the adjectives of competence.

  • As for telling the theater the stage may be the ability of the magician, who produced the program, such as juggling, cold reading, and hot reading skills.
  • Critics of the property of the supernatural powers fraud or self-deception.
  • After the test to determine whether the information will affect the performance test in the memory test many times “failed to produce significant impact”, so “does not support the psychological affordability, whether it exists” it is classified as a scam.



Above all the discussion it has come to clear that it enhances the ability of comprehensive power that is more important for the spirit of life.

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